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The Ship's Store supports our function, as well as students interested in Sea Service, the Ship's Museum, and other associated projects. Join us today and help support the good work we do.

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Each year we host a reunion, allowing former shipmates of all generations to get together, renew past friendships, make new friendships, learn from each other, share experiences and swap sea stories.  The 2021 Reunion will be at the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando - Lake Buena Vista from 14 - 18 September 2021. The 2022 Reunion site is in Rapid City SD at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center from 19 - 23 August 2022. As per the rotation, we will be going back to San Pedro, CA, and our beloved ship in 2023. More information to follow as soon as the venue contracts have been approved and signed.

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Join us in the good work we do for students, shipmates, and the advancement of our nation's history.
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About Us

The Veteran’s Association of the USS Iowa is an IRS 501©19 nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring our brotherhood lives on. We share information about the past history and current events associated with any vessel named USS Iowa, host regular annual reunions, ceremonies and events, sell merchandise, which allows you to celebrate and identify you as part of the crew. The Association was started by shipmates from the 1950’s crew in the mid-1970s. What began as an Association of just a few has now reached several thousand crewmembers and associates. Our membership includes members from the Battleship Iowa’s three periods past of service 42 - 49, 51 – 58. 84 - 90 and is now expanding is now proud to see that the U.S. Navy has seen fit to have another USS Iowa join the fleet in defense of our nation. We are dedicated to maintaining friendships of shipmates, searching for shipmates that we have lost touch with, and welcoming new shipmates of the Submarine USS Iowa (SSN-797) into our ranks. The Battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) was dedicated as a museum in 2012.

Ship's History

The last class of American Battleships to be built, known as the Iowa Class, were conceived and designed in the '30s as 45,000-ton warships capable of taking on the best other navies had to offer. USS Iowa BB-61 was the lead ship and commissioned on February 22 1943. She and her sisters served our nation for five decades both as instruments of war and as peacetime diplomatic symbols. USS Iowa BB-61 was decommissioned for the last time on October 26, 1990, and struck from the US Naval Registry on March 17, 2006. Since 2012 Battleship Iowa has been serving our nation as a Museum of Naval History in San Pedro, CA. The next USS Iowa SSN-797, a Virginia Class Fast Attack Submarine, had her keel laid in September 2019.

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Board of Directors


Brad Goforth (Wanda) — President
1200 Somersby Lane, Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 604-1367

Brad Cole (Tina) — Executive Vice President
1425 Tanglewood Trail, Northlake, TX 76226
(469) 432-7641

Doug Rhodes — 1st Vice President
209 Crown Point Road , Centerville, OH 45458
(901) 570-2719

Gerald Costin (Cathy) — 2nd Vice President/Ship Store
PO Box 195271, Winter Springs, FL 32719
(321) 759-BB61

Scott Williamson — Secretary
581 Henrico Road, Buffalo Junction, VA 24529
(919) 451-4356

Michael (Mike) Meldrum (Shelly) — Chaplain
905 W Lockhart St, Sayre, PA 18840
(317) 412-0606

Steve Rolph — Treasurer / Membership
4102 Benjamin Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073

(248) 549-4963

Marty Palimere (Zienna) - Chief Master at Arms
4927 Yew Street, Pittsburgh PA  15224

(412) 713-2486

Board Members 2021-2022

David Canfield (Tanya)
(530) 878-8950

John Curry
(503) 706-0587

Bobby George
(903) 456-3890

Leo Glasheen (Rita)
(603) 273-6956

Stan Richmond (Beth)
(717) 530-9177

Mike Zahradka (Lisa) 
Cell: (607) 769-6762

James Andrews
(757) 754-4353

Lou Schimenti
(609) 351-8248